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Featured Artist Tammy Garcia

Tammy Garcia

Tammy Garcia is a renowned Pueblo potter and sculptor whose work embodies both classic design and modern iconography. Her highly prized ceramic work encompasses a progressive evolution of forms that include traditional effigies, water jars, and storage jars, to non-traditional and modernized asymmetrical shapes. Given the dedication and attention to detail lavished on these singular works, it is understandable that she only produces a limited number of new ceramic pieces each year, which can be seen at her annual Blue Rain Gallery show in August. Throughout Garcia's artistic career, she has explored sweeping and breathtaking designs that are identifiable as time-honored beacons rising up across her work. Such designs incorporate ancient and historic Puebloan motifs including elements of nature, bird abstractions, and bands of repeating feathers. These designs are recognizable yet composed in manners that defy convention. She also explores fresh design sets that are not exactly prescribed themes found on Pueblo pottery--scallop shells, skull and cross bones, graffiti lettering, and a diverse repertoire of Chinese imagery. A new and rather timely example of her ability to push the design aesthetic includes use of imagery from pulp magazine covers that reached their peak of popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, offering an inexpensive, yet titillating escape from the troubles of the day. Her unique ability to create highly refined ceramic works with such rare variety and depth, remain the cornerstone of her success--earning her the reputation as one of the most collectible living Pueblo potters of our day.

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