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Featured Artist Sasha Meret

Sasha Meret

Sasha Meret was born in Romania in 1955, where he studied art at an early age and eventually obtained both his B.A. and M.A. He arrived in New York in 1987 and studied printmaking at Columbia University, setting up his studio in Tribeca. He currently lives and works in NYC and has exhibits in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Meret's recent work applies a wide range of techniques that interact with genres such as fashion, science, essay and film. Random Time Particles incorporates drawings, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, as well as assemblages, video, photography, LED lights, and more. This large-scale installation communicates Meret’s ideas, which were triggered by his interest in Quantum Physics, history, and literature.
In his work Meret is ever-questioning and is ready to revise any sustainable point of view. Meret tackles theories, concepts, and historical events, concurrently reversing perspective or reinterpreting facts to inevitably find that the world surrounding him becomes a little more reachable. In The Opposite Butterfly Effect (mixed media on canvas), he is questioning the effect of changes in the macro cosmos on events or things in the micro cosmos, such as the collapse of a cathedral on the fate of a butterfly.
He contemplates “If one removes sand grains one at a time, when does a heap of sand stop being a heap of sand?” and tests the wide concept of "change" and "transition". His work is an attempt to capture that elusive moment of transformation that is the fabric of what we call life.
His approach to the creative process is a continuous search for new challenges. He usually has several projects lined up, allowing him to consider them with a degree of detachment until that quintessential moment of clarity reveals the direction to follow; One solution leads to another, which in turn, leads to new set of solutions and new ideas. Such was the case when a set of stencils used for a series of works on paper was incorporated into a new series of works where sand was used for texture. The stencil became a tridimensional piece that led to a new set of works that celebrated ancient writing and calligraphies. While working with sand he became fascinated with the almost liquid-like flow of particles. He grabbed the video camera and started filming. The editing and syncing with music was another exciting challenge. The result was his video piece Sand Calligraphy recently exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. In his art Sasha has only one rule: a harmonious result that intrigues, challenges and captivates.
"I welcome the happy accident, the accomplished error that helps me to think out-of-the-box and leads me often to the most innovative formulas. If you want to make the gods laugh, tell them you have a plan [an old Pre-Columbian saying]," he says.

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