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Featured Artist Sarah Dueth

Sarah Dueth

Born in 1974, Sarah Dueth developed an interest in the arts in her North Carolina high school and later found her calling as a painter while studying at Boston University. She was chosen to participate in the Yale University Summer Art Program at Norfolk and later backpacked around Australia studying Aboriginal Art during her traveling fellowship from Brandeis University. Focusing on the years in which a child becomes an adult, Sarah paints the challenges, changes, fears, and questions that face a maturing woman. The Girls series sums up the life of a Southern girl who moved north at the age of 18 and left behind familiarity, friends, and family to venture on her own and find herself. This visually powerful body of work parallels her personal childhood fantasies, mysteries, wonders, and questions. Sarah lives and works in the suburbs of Manhattan, and plans on investigating The Girls series for “as long as her heart is in it.”

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