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Featured Artist Kathleen Melian

Kathleen Melian

Kathleen Melian's paintings are influenced by film and stage sets and reference the history of portraiture and landscape painting. She invokes film for its rich history of story telling, as well as its uncanny ability to draw the viewer into a fake reality with basic visual cues and symbology. Architectural spaces are personified and figures are transformed to inanimate. Kathleen imagines idyllic scenes bathed in sensual colors and light, oozing with charm, while simultaneously giving clues to an underbelly, fraught with imperfection and inconsistent aspects, provoking imminent collapse. She embraces this duality of ideal fantasy and flawed reality where scenes are composed and decomposing, where realness and unreal become blurred and mash together to form a luscious, murky soup. Society becomes a place of myth and artifice, both terrifying and sublime. Kathleen Melian is a representational painter who works primarily in oil paint. She received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University in May 2012.

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