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Featured Artist Derrick Adams

Derrick Adams

Derrick Adams is a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary New York-based artist whose work is comprised of sculpture, video, photography, and performance art.
The goal of Adams's work is to show the shape-shifting force of popular culture in our lives and how everything from the fantastical to the mundane mingle together, making us wildly different and unique creatures. By exploiting the metaphoric principals attached to worldly objects, he touches upon life’s episodes in a way that affords the viewer a glimpse into their simpler past, to the genesis of imprinting, inner-struggle and difference.
Adams's work sheds light on persuasive, performative and often duplicitous identities, while incorporating urban objects, various iconography, and architecture. This world he creates reflects the relationship between man and monument as they coexist in the landscape as representations of each other.
Learning also functions as both subject and object in his work. This idea derives from impressionable experiences associated with iconography from American culture and educational television programming. He addresses the issue of appearance and the issue of interpretation based on arrangement and context, alluding to the way things seem but may not actually be. He sometimes uses the view of inappropriateness and dysfunction to produce exaggerated, abstracted realities, which illustrate the delicacies of navigating life.

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